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The air conditioning system may be something you take for granted. This is until you encounter a hot or humid day. No matter if it is taking too long to cool the air inside your car or your windows are not defogging properly, some of your car’s air conditioning problems can become costly if you do not take the proper precautions. If you notice an issue, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible, so we can inspect it for you. No matter if you think the issue might be minor, it is always best to have it

How air conditioning works

The first air conditioners were known as weather conditioners. They were offered to limousine and luxury car owners in New York City in the thirties. The system has served to eliminate humidity and heat trapped inside the passenger compartment. This service is now a standard car feature.

The air conditioning system works by using a belt that allows the air conditioning compressor to compress a refrigerant and pump it throughout the system. The refrigerant is pressed through a valve that reduces pressure and temperature. Then it moves through the evaporator in the passenger compartment. It delivers cool dry air to those in the vehicle.

Signs of an Issue

The air may not be cooling for many reasons. One of the most frequent causes can be a low refrigerant level. This is because it can diminish by as much as 15% per year. You may also have a broken condenser. Compressor has cracked or damaged belt, defective clutch, inactive pressure switches or idle valves


Noise usually comes from a dying compressor. Some other common causes can be a cross-contaminated refrigerant or the use of the wrong lubricant. Holes or other broken parts could also be the source of the problem. Also, the common cause for moist air inside your car is usually moisture or debris trapped inside your air conditioning system.

Not being used

When your car’s air system has not been used for a while, it can cause issues. Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus can begin to populate and produce a foul smell. Watch for leaks coming from your air conditioning system since leaking refrigerant is a dangerous chemical that can harm the environment as well as your car’s engine. Detection and repair of any issue in your car’s air conditioning system could prevent additional damage that will in turn save you time and money.

Make sure to check the air conditioning compressor belt for cracks and damage on a regular basis. Also watch for any leaks or damage in the air conditioning system. Regularly check the function of the air conditioning system and other components. You may also need to recharge the air conditioning system by using the right refrigerant type and quantity as specified by the manufacturer.

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